Радна група за образовање одраслих – нове публикације

Нове публикације из области Радне групе за образовање одраслих су доступне на нашем сајту.

Публикације су доступне на енглеском језику:

Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education – ARALE magazine

Diversity Guidelines for Trainers and Management Staff in Adult Education

A Literature Review of International Adult Literacy Policies

Diversity Policy recommendations for European and national/regional policy-makers and for adult education providers

EUROPEAN GUIDE: Strategies for improving participation in and awareness of adult learning

Study on Analysis of Adult Learning Policies and their Effectiveness in Europe – Consultation Document

The Evidence Base on Lifelong Guidance – A guide to key findings for effective policy and practice

Harnessing the Potential of ICTs for Literacy Teaching and Learning Effective Literacy and Numeracy Programmes using Radio, TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers

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