The Open Method of Coordination in Education and Training – Republic of Serbia

The representatives of the Republic of Serbia have been engaged in the work of the Open Method of Coordination in education and training at EU level at the invitation of the European Commission since April 2014.

Representatives of the Republic of Serbia are involved in the six thematic working groups on the following topics:

Being a part of the EU OMC process, the Republic of Serbia shows its readiness and commitment to participate and actively contribute to this mechanisms of European cooperation, which are accessible even before formal EU membership. By participating in these working groups as an equal member, Serbia will be able to use the best practices of EU Member States and their educational policies, as well as to present the achievement of its strategic and reform measures. Participation in the OMC will ensure not only the exchange of best practices and a basis for improving the quality of education, but also adequate preparation for fulfillment of the requirements, during Serbia’s accession negotiations with EU.
The Open Method of Coordination (OMC) is an instrument of the European Union, which ensures harmonisation of the so-called “soft law” among EU member states. This instrument was established in 2000, with the adoption of the Lisbon Strategy and it is a type of voluntary harmonization of legislation of Member States, primarily in the areas of social and employment policy, to be later extended to other areas. Using the Open Method of Coordination, the Member States exchange experience and best practices in particular fields and are able to further develop their educational policies depending on their needs and specific characteristics.